CeH4 is the symbol for methane – which is what we’re all about

Thanks to several projects over the past few years, CeH4 technologies GmbH has secured an excellent market position.

We are currently working for more than 70 public utility companies, a number of network operators, more than 50 industrial clients, and several communal facilities, such as hospitals and wastewater treatment plants, both in Germany and abroad.

In the past few years, CeH4 technologies has become one of the leading providers of system technology in the field of natural gas. In many projects, we have made a significant contribution to the definition of technical standards.

We have produced and installed special installations, e.g. systems for salt water draining, deodorisation, tandem compression, or oxygen removal. We see technical difficulties which occur in this kind of equipment as a challenge, as opposed to a problem.

This distinct readiness for innovation has spread throughout the industry. We are a sought-after partner for such challenging technologies.