Aluminium cabinet construction

CeH4 produces its own quality aluminium cabinets for use as gasstation cabinets, electrical cabinets, or individual cabinets. All units are constructed using 3D CAD software. Our modern production facilities in Celle allow short delivery times and precise system implementation.

The materials used meet the highest quality standards. High-strength connections and high rigidity are achieved through the tongue-and-groove connection system. The powder-coated profile material ensures superior ink adhesion, long-term corrosion resistance, and durability.

The colour scheme can be selected individually, and even photo-realistic high-performance film with anti-graffiti laminating can be provided.

In addition to the various standard dimensions, individual tailor-made solutions are also possible. An optional, separate side room – for example, for an E-part – can also be provided.

The aluminium cabinet can be delivered with a prefabricated concrete foundation with pre-installed DASAG plates, potential equalisation and pipe openings, or a metal frame. The substructure of a regulating system or electrical system can be integrated during construction.

Our door elements are fitted with quality seals. We thereby increase the moisture protection and reduce noise emissions. The concrete base is secured with insulating tape.

In addition to standardised equipment options, individual options can be ordered. For example, additional door elements, sound insulation mats, different roof types and connecting elements are feasible.   On request, a whole system can be pre-assembled at the factory and transported to the site as a complete unit.