Compressor technology

Through a variety of projects involving biogas plants and compressor systems, as well as natural gas filling stations, CeH4 has gained a very strong knowledge of the compressor systems produced by different manufacturers.

Thanks to their targeted training at the manufacturers, and a wealth of practical experience in the construction and maintenance of the units, our qualified employees know what to do when it comes to control air compressors, screw compressors, ion compressors, or piston compressors.

Our engineers are accomplished and experienced in the planning and packaging of systems. Each system is specially planned, designed and built for the intended application.

The tandem compressor is certainly one of our best developments in this field. Preliminary and main compressors can be found in a power unit. It was developed in collaboration with an Italian manufacturer, to the technical specifications of CeH4. Two independently operating piston compressors operate on a chassis. Pre-compression and dynamic compression involves a shared electric motor. This results in a very compact, space-saving design.

Additional special qualities of this device are oil-free operation (no oil downstream the compressor), virtually no vibrations, and a very low noise emission rate.

Overall, the tandem compressor saves on investment, significantly reducesoperating, maintenance and servicing costs, and has proven to be very reliable in operation.