BGEA service

We are a major player on the German market, in the field of biogas plants. Due to our practical experience, we have extensive knowledge, and can offer customised maintenance models.

As with station construction, the demand for service in the field of biogas plants is increasing. The operators frequently have an availability rate of over 90%. The result is a higher demand for maintenance in much shorter intervals, compared to those of gas pressure regulating and measuring stations.

We take on responsibility for the complete maintenance of your systems and, if desired, the operation thereof. Modern communication systems allow us to send BEGA data to our control rooms, if necessary. We are therefore informed straight away if a fault occurs, and can react immediately. A complete maintenance manual and the proper documentation are integral components of our range of services.

In order to carry out professional services, the highest level of expertise is needed. CeH4 is clearly advantageous here: Because we construct the systems ourselves, we have the best knowledge of its maintenance. These skills relate to all BEGA components, including compressor technology, measurement technology, conditioning, and C&I technology.