CNG natural gas filling stations

Ensuring mobility

Maintaining and repairing natural gas filling stations is a challenging task that requires a lot of specialised and multidisciplinary knowledge. Our employees can address this challenge, not only because they acquire the latest expertise from various manufacturers, but also because they have built natural gas filling stations themselves.

Many different manufacturers and techniques are involved in the building of a CNG filling station. Our service technicians are therefore in close cooperation with colleagues from the electrical engineering department, in order to connect the interfaces between compressor, GPR and C&I technology.

In addition to the regular maintenance of compressors, control and electrical components, we also inspect pressure vessels. In cooperation with the experts from TÜV, DEKRA or DVGW, pressure tests are carried out both with water and the commonly-used ultrasonic method.

To ensure mobility when using natural gas as fuel, we also offer maintenance contracts and on-call service agreements.