Gas pressure regulating stations

Full range of services

We take on responsibility for the complete maintenance of your GPRM systems and, if desired, the operation thereof. Our technicians are independent specialists who, thanks to their experience and qualifications, keep their systems ready for operation, and therefore ensure the supply reliability of the gas network. Naturally, all tasks are carried out, recorded and documented in accordance the with current regulations.

Pressure tests and vessel pressure checks, along with odorisation station maintenance, are also part of our scope of services.  Our own personnel carry out checks of the electrical systems, lighting protection, and ex-zone plans.

In the field of heating system maintenance, we also offer a full range of heating systems for gas preheating, and independent space heaters. If necessary, a repair service agreement can be concluded.

The scope and intervals of maintenance – and for preventive maintenance, if desired – are part of the framework contract, so that you can focus on the other business sectors of your company.