Odour service

CeH4 delivers odorants throughout Germany. We fill containers and stationary systems on-site, or exchange refillable containers.

We offer odorisation system maintenance during filling. Our trained and experienced personnel are very familiar with the system technology of different manufacturers, and with using odorants.

Our modern and safe filling technology is state-of-the-art. Aerial pendulum system, double-walled tubes, activated carbon filters and many other details protect the environment from exposure to odorants during filling. Modern system engineering measures and calculates the capacity on-site in advance, and documents the quantity dispensed during filling.

Naturally, our experienced employees have all of the necessary licences, transport permits, and safety equipment.

Just like in the field of GPRM systems, we offer maintenance and on-call contracts for odour supply and maintenance. The availability of spare parts can be stipulated.

We also offer our customers spare equipment for emergency situations, reconstruction measures, or operational purposes.