CeH4 special oils for different compressor systems

Compressors must operate smoothly and reliably, and therefore require the best lubricant. Through our many years of practical experience in compressor technology, we have defined the highest quality standards, and have been able to establish an oil brand which specifically meets our requirements.

CeH4 piston compressor oil, type 540

  • High temperature resistance
  • High shear resistance
  • Summer and winter operation

This low-friction oil for piston compressors with high viscosity is equipped with the latest additive technology. It prevents deposits, reduces losses of friction, and provides optimal wear protection. It extends the lifespan of the device.

CeH4 gas engine oil LA 40

  • For gas blowers in biogas, natural gas and sewage gas operation
  • Avoids deposits of oil
  • Low-ash substances

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